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QRCA’s Online Qualitative Fundamentals Program

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Jennifer Dale |  Shannon Danzy |  Michelle Finzel |  Pam Goldfarb Liss |  Frank Gregory |  Kayte Hamilton |  Kristi Jackson, Ph.D. |  Katrina Noelle |  Fiona Ray |  Kristin Howell |  Maria Virobik |  Rob Volpe |   1 more....
Approx. 7 Hours
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Sep 01, 2020


The online qualitative toolkit has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, with new digital methodologies vastly expanding the ways we talk to consumers. No longer are we limited to just chat groups or messages boards; today’s digital toolkit includes everything from real-time virtual focus groups to remote ethnography and even social media listening. Mastering these tools is critical for today’s qualitative researchers.

QRCA’s new Online Qualitative Fundamentals program allows researchers to explore all aspects of online qualitative, from design to execution and analysis. Through seven learning modules, researchers will gain an understanding of the diverse tools available and how to use them to meet research objectives. 

After completing all seven modules, researchers will earn a QRCA Online Qualitative Fundamentals Certificate of Completion, which will demonstrate to current or prospective clients, colleagues, and employers that they have made a commitment to learning about online qualitative research with QRCA, the largest and most collaborative community of qualitative professionals worldwide.



Jennifer Dale's Profile

Jennifer Dale Related Seminars and Products

President & CEO

InsideHeads, LLC

Jen is pioneer in online market research, with extensive experience on both the buyer and service provider (recruiting) sides.  She received her BA in Communications and Advertising from Penn State University and her MBA in Business & Marketing from Rider University.  Jen developed one of the first web-based online platforms for conducting surveys and focus groups and is the co-author of Qual-Online, The Essential Guidea popular how-to book for research practitioners.

Shannon Danzy's Profile

Shannon Danzy Related Seminars and Products

Director, Research & Strategy

Insights Association

Shannon joined RALLY in 2021 and leads the agency's market research and strategy disciplines. In love with uncovering what makes people tick and how to use that insight to drive behavior since working on her first ad campaign, Shannon has parlayed her passion into a two-decade career as a brand planner and researcher. Prior to RALLY, Shannon ran her own consultancy and oversaw custom research and insights for the US division of the global media communications agency MediaCom. At QRCA, Shannon currently chairs the NY/Metropolitan NYC Chapter and the Inclusive Culture Committee which seeks to foster an inclusive QRCA where members from all backgrounds and experience levels feel like they belong and can become the best practitioners of qualitative research

Twitter | LinkedIn | Company Website

Michelle Finzel's Profile

Michelle Finzel Related Seminars and Products


DAP Global, Inc.

Michelle Finzel has been saying, “Thank you for calling Maryland Marketing Source. How may I help you?” since she was 8-years-old. As the current President of Maryland Marketing Source, Inc., Michelle leverages her unique perspective of the industry’s development over the past 30 years and embraces the nuanced roles she has to play as a small business owner in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland in order to provide her clients with the streamlined results and personalized service they appreciate and expect. She also endeavors to ensure her company is an asset to the community by supporting other minority businesses, sponsoring local children’s sports teams, and engaging in projects that directly benefit the State of Maryland. Michelle has been published several times and has presented at several industry- and communications-focused conferences. She currently serves as Chair of the Field Committee for the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), has served on the board of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), and is a member of the Insights Association (IA).

Pam Goldfarb Liss's Profile

Pam Goldfarb Liss Related Seminars and Products

President/Big Brain

LitBrains-Igniting Ideas!

Pam Goldfarb Liss (she/her), a 30-year veteran researcher, loves the always-changing-never-knowing-what’s-coming-next elements of moderating and facilitating creative consumer discussions, especially with kids and teens! With over three decades of experience working with Fortune 100 brands and non-profits, Pam has seen a lot shift in families especially around gender and family structure. Watching now three generations (Millennial, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha) of consumer kids grow up; she knows that the only constant is change. Pam also realizes that curiosity and comfort are about staying open and bravely asking. Pam spent more than a decade living on the east coast in New York City and Washington DC, and she returned ‘home’ to be with her family in colder, but kinder Minneapolis to live with her east-coast bred husband and Gen Z/Alpha cusper daughter. 

Frank Gregory's Profile

Frank Gregory Related Seminars and Products

NorthStar Solutions Group

Frank's path has taken him on a journey that always balances marketing strategy and consumer research.  Starting his career developing focus group and survey-based research methodologies, he then shifted towards digital & social media research as a way to understand consumer perceptions in the ever-changing marketing landscape.  Fast forward a decade in the social media analytics world, Frank brings a unique perspective in how to analyze the millions of social media comments consumers share every day across every imaginable topic, and how marketers can use these insights to understand relevant consumer perception & behavior trends that will drive their business forward.  Frank can provide guidance to the audience on why social media conversation analysis is important to researchers, what information is available (teaser: it's not just social media channels!), and what it takes to get started.  Currently, Frank leads the Social Media Intelligence practice at NorthStar Solutions Group, supporting research firms, ad agencies & marketing teams with analysis of topical social media conversations & audience interests.

Kristi Jackson, Ph.D.'s Profile

Kristi Jackson, Ph.D. Related Seminars and Products



Dr. Kristi Jackson is a Qualitative Senior Scientist at QualityMetric. She also founded Queri in 2002 to provide resources and coaching to NVivo users worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in qualitative research design, data collection, analysis, reporting, and stakeholder relations, Kristi is an expert in a diverse array of qualitative methodologies. Her theoretical frames tend to be sociological and her research interests include conceptualizations of qualitative research transparency and the constantly changing spaces where qualitative researchers and technologies meet.


Kristi is the lead author of the 2019 edition of Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo. The 2013 edition of this book, which she also co-authored, is a Sage Publications best-seller.

Katrina Noelle's Profile

Katrina Noelle Related Seminars and Products


KNow Research/Scoot Insights

Kristin Howell's Profile

Kristin Howell Related Seminars and Products


Beacon Research

Kristin has three decades of marketing and market research experience, including both client-side brand management at Procter & Gamble and agency-side strategic planning at two ad agencies. She launched her own consumer insights consultancy, Beacon Research, in 2000. She is a pioneer and thought leader in online and mobile research and was dubbed the “Queen of Cool Research” by her peers long before Zoom became a household brand.

Kristin is a past QRCA Vice President and founding long-term Chair of QRCA’s Online Special Interest Group. Her work focuses heavily on new product innovation, branding, shopper insights, communications research, and website/mobile app development. Personally, she is the older sister/acting parent of her Down’s Syndrome brother, which makes her more sensitive to championing the voice of the underrepresented. Kristin is also the mom of two successfully launched young adults, a pickleball fanatic, and a lifelong boater.

Maria Virobik's Profile

Maria Virobik Related Seminars and Products



Maria Virobik is a seasoned qualitative market researcher with more than 25 years of experience in analysis and report writing. She has worked with clients in a wide range of categories, including automotive, packaged goods, pharma and technology. Maria enjoys tackling qualitative data to find the story and collaborating with moderators to deliver sparkling insights to their clients. She joined QRCA in 2017 and co-founded the Reporting & Analysis SIG a year later. She is also a member of the 2023-24 QRCA Board. Originally hailing from Southern California, Maria and her husband now live in Santa Fe, NM with their marginally obedient French Bulldog, Ruby.

Rob Volpe's Profile

Rob Volpe Related Seminars and Products

CEO & Chief Catalyst

Ignite 360

Rob Volpe is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human experience. As CEO of Ignite 360, he leads a team of insights, strategy, and creative professionals helping the world’s leading brands across a range of industries apply human understanding to release untapped potential.

He is the author of Tell Me More About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time. As a thought leader in the role of empathy in marketing and the workplace, he is a contributor to Entrepreneur’s Leadership Network and he frequently speaks on the topic at conferences, corporations, podcasts and college classes and has been quoted in Advertising Week, Mashable, Huffington Post,, Gourmet Retailer and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Rob has been co-chair of QRCAs Sponsorship Committee since 2019 and is a member of the Inclusive Culture Committee.

When he's not speaking at industry conferences, listening to consumers share their stories around the world, or adding to his two million-plus miles flown, Rob can be found at home in San Francisco with his partner, Charles, and their three cats, reveling in the rare luxury of standing still. Rob is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Jeff Walkowski's Profile

Jeff Walkowski Related Seminars and Products

Owner/President Inc

Jeff Walkowski is 25+ year member of QRCA.  His passion is training.  He co-founded the Online Moderator Training Institute, is a RIVA trainer, and he was the lead developer of the MRII’s Online Principles Express course in qualitative research.  He is known as one of the early adopters of online qualitative approaches, and in 2023 he published, “Mr. Online’s Playbook: 125 Pro Tips for Online Qualitative Projects.”  Jeff loves donuts, and he chose to live in Minneapolis partly because he loves cold weather.