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Webcam Interview and Group Techniques

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Project Management |  Research Design
Katrina Noelle
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 24, 2020


Get national reach and honor social distancing by conducting webcam interviews and groups. Interviews and small group discussions can be conducted over the phone, computer or tablet. They're easy for participants to join and for clients to observe live or recorded. Learn how to optimize your in-person moderation skills to the digital world. Get some tech tips on how to make the experience a smooth one for everyone involved. Add this synchronous tool to your toolbox to expand your options and meet people where they are!



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KNow Research/Scoot Insights

Katrina has worked tirelessly over her 17+ years in research to build a female-focused, full-service qualitative consultancy which specializes in creating client customized design by combining methodologies from traditional in-person research with online and mobile approaches. She is proud to have made KNow Research one of the newest, certified members of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Gaining an overall picture of a consumer’s world is a key factor to Katrina’s and her company’s success. Over the years, she has developed an impressive range of verticals and focused KNow’s studies on how products, services and industries interact with respondent’s lives. Katrina is also Co-Founder of Scoot Insights and an active member of Women in Research, Qualitative Research Consultant Association, the Insights Association and ESOMAR.

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