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Revisiting Online Bulletin Boards

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Kristin Howell (formerly Schwitzer)
48 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 24, 2020


Learn how online bulletin boards (OLBBs) can take the place of your previously planned in-person focus groups and/or one-on-ones during COVID-19 with a safe, convenient, and highly flexible methodology that also works great for longitudinal and global studies.



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Beacon Research

Kristin is a pioneering consumer insights researcher who has been doing digital research for 20+ years. She has been capturing consumer behavior and opinions on video for the past 15 years, initially via the now-obsolete Flip Video cameras and more recently via webcams and smartphones. Having to analyze and report out on a mountain of collected video footage quickly became a daunting task. Kristin was so thankful when the tech sector of the market research industry finally presented video-based solutions, which have become an integral part of her work. Kristin will talk about her experiences with Reduct, a video editing and creating tool, as well as share any other tech loves she has enjoyed over the years.

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