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Social Media: Are You Listening?

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Communication |  Consulting
Kayte Hamilton |  Frank Gregory
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 24, 2020


Every day, millions of consumers share their experiences, perceptions, opinions, and actions from the comfort of their couch. These conversations are happening in real-time on social media channels, blogs, forums and in news site commentary. When in-person research methods aren’t possible…and even once they are again…one way to get an immediate baseline read on consumer wants, needs, sentiment, emotion, timing and influence on a research topic is through social conversation analysis. In this module, the presenters will share why social media conversation analysis is important to researchers, what information is available (teaser: it's not just social media channels!), how to talk about it with clients, and what it takes to get started.



Kayte Hamilton's Profile

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The Social Question

As a true hybrid researcher, Kayte Hamilton has dabbled in all kinds of research executions, including social media. As a Millennial, she's hyper aware of digital brand and product conversations and the impact they have on consumer decision making. Kayte (as well as Frank) both attended VCU Brandcenter, a Master’s program for advertising in Richmond, VA. Currently she's a Client Partner with InsightsNow, cultivating deep relationships with clients and researchers. 

Frank Gregory's Profile

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NorthStar Solutions Group

Frank's path has taken him on a journey that always balances marketing strategy and consumer research.  Starting his career developing focus group and survey-based research methodologies, he then shifted towards digital & social media research as a way to understand consumer perceptions in the ever-changing marketing landscape.  Fast forward a decade in the social media analytics world, Frank brings a unique perspective in how to analyze the millions of social media comments consumers share every day across every imaginable topic, and how marketers can use these insights to understand relevant consumer perception & behavior trends that will drive their business forward.  Frank can provide guidance to the audience on why social media conversation analysis is important to researchers, what information is available (teaser: it's not just social media channels!), and what it takes to get started.  Currently, Frank leads the Social Media Intelligence practice at NorthStar Solutions Group, supporting research firms, ad agencies & marketing teams with analysis of topical social media conversations & audience interests.

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