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Launching Online Qual Projects: What's Different from In-Person

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Research Design |  Project Management
Shannon Danzy |  Fiona Ray
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 23, 2020


Does online qual feel unapproachable? What does the set-up of online and in-person projects have in common, and how are they different?  And how does one even get started?  Learn how thoughtful design, careful planning, and clean recruiting will maximize your project’s chance for success. Hear true tales and tips from longtime QRCA members.  After this session, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to be ready to launch your first online project.


Shannon Danzy's Profile

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Director, Research & Strategy

Insights Association

Shannon joined RALLY in 2021 and leads the agency's market research and strategy disciplines. In love with uncovering what makes people tick and how to use that insight to drive behavior since working on her first ad campaign, Shannon has parlayed her passion into a two-decade career as a brand planner and researcher. Prior to RALLY, Shannon ran her own consultancy and oversaw custom research and insights for the US division of the global media communications agency MediaCom. At QRCA, Shannon currently chairs the NY/Metropolitan NYC Chapter and the Inclusive Culture Committee which seeks to foster an inclusive QRCA where members from all backgrounds and experience levels feel like they belong and can become the best practitioners of qualitative research

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