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2024 Qcasts: Complete Series Registration

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Isabel Aneyba |  Pepper Miller |  Cary-Anne Olsen-Landis |  Gary Rudman |  Jasmine Walker
1 hour on the 3rd Friday of the Month

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of continuous learning in 2024? QRCA is pleased to offer the 2024 Qcasts: Complete Series Registration.  Sign up once for all of this year's Qcasts and add them to your calendar! Say goodbye to individual registrations and hello to a year-long learning experience in one program.  

Qcasts are QRCA-sponsored webcasts on qualitative research topics that provide professional educational opportunities to qualitative research professionals, including market research, UX, CX, sociologists, ethnographers, linguists, social media and other qualitative practitioners.  


What's Included:  

  • Access to all 2024 Qcasts: Gain entry to every Qcast held throughout 2024. Say goodbye to individual registrations – it's all covered in one go!  

  • Diverse Topics: Our Qcast series covers a wide range of subjects related to trends and best practices in qualitative research. Hear from thought leaders in our industry about what’s new and why it’s important for practitioners and users of qualitative research.   

  • On-Demand Access: Can't make it to a live session? No worries! As a 2024 Qcast Series registrant, you'll have access to the on-demand recordings in this same program so you can catch up at your convenience. Qcasts will be recorded unless otherwise noted.   

  • Resource Library: Gain access to supplementary materials, resources, and content related to the Qcast topics as provided by the speakers.   

How it Works: 

  1. Register here in Qualology! Registering for this program will automatically register you for all Qcasts in 2024. 

  1. Once registered, go to your profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the browser.  

  1. Find "2024 Qcasts: Complete Series Registration" under "My List" and click "Launch Program" 

  1. On the “Qcast Schedule”, click the "add to calendar" button on each Qcast to download the calendar holds for each session! 

  1. On the day of the Qcast, click the link in the calendar invite to go to your account page and launch the Qcast from Qualology. 

  1. Earn Advance credit for each session you complete! 


Non-members! That's a $250 value for just $100! Individual Qcasts are available to non-members for $25. * 


Monthly Schedule: Qcasts are typically scheduled on the third Friday of the month.**

* Due to the discounted non-member registration fee for the 2024 Qcast bulk registration, there will be no refunds if there is a last-minute schedule change or cancelation of a Qcast

** actual Qcast schedule is subject to change


Isabel Aneyba's Profile

Isabel Aneyba Related Seminars and Products


COMARKA Consulting & Research

Isabel Aneyba is a seasoned Mexican-American market researcher & strategist with 18 years of research experience guiding better products and services.  

As founder of COMARKA, a cross-cultural market research firm based in Austin, TX, Isabel has done extensive research in the US and Mexico in several categories including food and beverage, retail, health care and technology. In 2020, Isabel received the REEL award (Research and Equitable Leadership) and the recognition as one of the top 50 insights leaders in the U.S. 

Isabel has served on the QRCA Board of Directors and chaired the Latino SIG and the Ethnography SIG for 10 years. 


Pepper Miller's Profile

Pepper Miller Related Seminars and Products

Author, President

Hunter-Miller, Inc.

Pepper Miller is a recognized Black American consumer researcher, three-time author, and Black American subject matter expert.  

Since 1995, Pepper has been a trailblazer helping large corporations understand and positively engage the Black consumer market. 

Pepper encourages audiences to think broader and differently about Black America by talking about both simple ideas and taboo topics so that they can tailor their marketing strategies to be more inclusive and effective. 

Her third Black insights book “Let Me Explain Black Again: Exploring Blind Spots and Black Insights for Marketing to Understand Black Culture and Perspectives”, launched April 2023 is receiving many accolades and tributes. 


Cary-Anne Olsen-Landis's Profile

Cary-Anne Olsen-Landis Related Seminars and Products


Cary-Anne has spent 17 years guiding organizations in creating human-centered experiences. She’s worked with clients in industries from retail banking and luxury aviation to datacenters and call centers. After establishing a human-centered foundation, she converts findings into strategic, actionable steps to guide organizations to address discovered needs. 

Before Nava, she worked at a UX consultancy for 6 years, led the IBM Cognitive Systems research team, taught Web/interaction design at various Austin universities, and completed Information Science graduate work in Interaction Design & Usability. She started her career as a front-end Web developer/designer and moved to research to solve the most interesting challenge of technology: how humans actually use it. 

Gary Rudman's Profile

Gary Rudman Related Seminars and Products


GTR Consulting

Gary Rudman of GTR Consulting has been a trailblazer in the realm of online and in-person custom qualitative research for over 30 years. His expertise centers around the dynamic and ever-evolving cohorts of Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennials. With a portfolio spanning hundreds of projects, Gary has excelled in a wide spectrum of research domains encompassing exploratory, concept, advertising, packaging, consumer journeys, and play and usage test research projects.

Gary’s diverse clientele hails from virtually every sector, including technology, video games, entertainment, automotive, toys, consumer packaged goods, beverages, food/snacks/candy, personal care products, retail, fashion, and even social marketing initiatives aimed at critical causes such as anti-tobacco advocacy and sexual assault prevention.

Gary Rudman's lasting impact is marked by his continuous dedication to delivering unparalleled insights and strategic guidance, navigating the nuanced preferences and behaviors of kids, teens and young adults.

Jasmine Walker's Profile

Jasmine Walker Related Seminars and Products

Lead Researcher

Stellar Elements

As a Lead Researcher, Jasmine reveals customer and employee needs through intensive, user-centered research studies within a broad range of industries, including fintech, healthcare, transportation & shipping, and energy. Her academic background in both cultural and business anthropology affords her the ability to collect and analyze rich contextual data that genuinely helps stakeholders understand their users’ experiences. 

Jasmine is a native Detroiter and has spent the last several years living in Dallas honing her research prowess at the consultancy giant, Stellar Elements. Equipped with an extensive toolkit of qualitative methods and fieldwork around the globe, Jasmine crafts stories that not only educate but evoke empathy for users which ultimately allows businesses to strategically achieve and maintain a competitive edge.