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From Start to Finish: Managing Qualitative Research with Confidence

Total Credits: 10

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Analysis & Reporting |  Business Practices |  Research Design
Roben Allong |  Kristin Ameruoso |  Michael Collins |  Jo Ann Hairston |  Bruce Hutchison |  Jessica Kurth |  Mary Beth Solomon |  Susan Sweet |  Maria Virobik |  Jeff Walkowski |  Jay Zaltzman
Course Level:
Five-Part Course - 2 hour sessions each

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From Start to Finish: Managing Qualitative Research with Confidence

Five-Part Course offered through Qualology

Who Should Take This Course:

If you lead, manage, or execute the qualitative research function within your organization we invite you to join us for our upcoming course, "From Start to Finish: Managing Qualitative Research with Confidence"!  

This course is designed for professionals who might not have previously been introduced to the background and fundamentals of qualitative research (or this course can serve as a great reminder). You will be introduced to topics such as establishing clear research objectives, navigating in-person and online qualitative methods, selecting third-party providers, crafting effective screeners and discussion guides, and championing qualitative research results! The information learned will help those who manage qualitative vendors, including moderators, analysts and research facilities.

This is not a course for those who wish to learn how to be a moderator or facilitator for qualitative research. 

What to Expect:
  • All sessions will be offered live online, and will be recorded for viewing later.

    • Don’t worry if you can’t make each one for the live session – your registration includes the recordings!

  • The presentation decks for each session will be available and serve as the course takeaway/workbook.

  • Sessions will be interactive! Homework may be assigned to include exercises such as critiquing screeners and discussion guides, designing methodology for sample case studies and creating a sample RFP.

  • After completing this course, you will have the opportunity to earn a "Fundamentals of Qualitative Management" certificate by passing each session's quiz.


Session 1: September 5, 2024; 11am - 1 pm CDT
  • The Importance of Clarifying Research Objectives and Reaching Consensus About Them - Susan Sweet
  • Overview of In-Person Qualitative Methods - Jo Ann Hairston
Session 2: September 12, 2024; 11am - 1 pm CDT
  • Overview of Online Qualitative Methods - Mary Beth Solomon
  • Identifying the Best Research Method Options for a Given Situation - Jeff Walkowski
Session 3: September 26, 2024, 11am - 1 pm CDT
  • Best Practices for Selecting Third-Party Providers (Recruiters, Facilities, Moderators, Analysts) - Michael Collins
  • Best Practices for Writing Screeners - Jessica Kurth & Kristin Ameruoso
Session 4: October 10, 2024, 11am - 1 pm CDT
  • Best Practices for Developing/Evaluating Discussion Guides - Jay Zaltzman
  • Best Practices for Analysis and Reporting - Maria Virobik
Session 5: October 24, 2024, 11am - 1 pm CDT
  • Best Practices for Managing Stakeholders Through the Research Process - Roben Allong
  • Best Practices for Being a Champion of Qualitative Research Results - Bruce Hutchinson


Interested in registering for individual sessions only? Click the session numbers above to be redirected to the individual session registrations. 


Roben Allong's Profile

Roben Allong Related Seminars and Products


Lightbeam Communications (M\WBE)

Founder and CEO of Lightbeam Communications Corp., Roben started a boutique research firm in New York City to provide evidence-based, more culturally relevant, on-trend solutions for brands and public sector entities.

Lightbeam’s clients tap her in-depth knowledge, research expertise, and deep understanding of the influence of social and cultural movements of previous decades on consumer attitudes, and behaviors to help them meet and exceed business objectives. She is an outspoken advocate of helping brands develop a competitive edge and be more inclusive by using cultural insights as effective soft power diplomacy.

As a former international senior music business executive, Roben Co-Chaired Global Music Committee Conferences responsible for strategic creative product development and marketing around the globe. Today, she is hailed by colleagues as the “Oprah” of the focus room and has presented research findings on emerging social and cultural trends at several distinguished organizations such as the Fashion Institute of Technology, University of San Francisco, and New York University as well as various industry conferences.

Most recently, Roben is a former President of QRCA and her compelling articles have been featured on both Quicks and Greenbook annual Editors' lists.

Kristin Ameruoso's Profile

Kristin Ameruoso Related Seminars and Products

Vice President of Qualitative Research

Recruit and Field, Inc.

Stumbling into the world of Qualitative Research at the age of 18, Kristin did not know what she was getting herself into. Starting off on the bottom of the totem pole as a recruiter and proving herself was no easy task. List recruiting came easier than speaking up, sharing ideas and creative ways to recruit! Clearly that was a long time ago, now we cannot get her to STOP talking. There is a lot to say about someone when you see the passion, they hold for what they do.

Twenty years later she is making an impact with Recruit and Field, as well as those in the industry she strikes up a “simple” conversation with. We all know nothing in ever simple in MR. All the pieces that make recruiting a success from within the engine, is more than just finding the perfect respondents, it starts the moment that RFQ hits your inbox. Kristin inspires those around her, builds a continuous culture of improvement, a proactive stance in business that bleeds out into everyday life. Her knowledge and expertise in this space of MR—gleaned from first-person hands on experience over the years-- has ignited a need to share what has been proven to be successful when partnering with clients on Qualitative research projects as well as learn more about industry areas outside of her current expertise.

At the end of the day, that is what we all want. Isn’t it?

Michael Collins's Profile

Michael Collins Related Seminars and Products

Independent Qualitative Research Professional

Michael is a RIVA trained, qualitative research moderator supporting multiple market research firms. He previously managed Zintro Inc, a b2b panel provider, for 8 years.

Jo Ann Hairston's Profile

Jo Ann Hairston Related Seminars and Products

RIVA Market Research & Training Inst

The work Jo Ann does for RIVA is diverse. She works in both the Research and the Training division, shifting hats with ease. As a researcher she is – assigned to focus group projects that range from medical issues to health and beauty aids and from politics to new products. After leading more than 3,200 groups, and earning the title Master Moderator, Jo Ann helps clients access POBAs [Perceptions, Opinions, Beliefs and Attitudes] from respondents that range from homemakers to the homeless and from ages 7 to 97.

As a Co-Founder of the RIVA Training Institute she serves as a Master Trainer and developer of the framework and curriculum for both standard courses and custom courses designed to meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries. She is a credentialed Master Coach for Qualitative Researchers, as well as, individuals transitioning from one career to another.

Bruce Hutchison's Profile

Bruce Hutchison Related Seminars and Products


State Farm

Bruce Hutchison is both an avid qualitative and applied ethnography researcher, plus brings a history of senior marketing officer experience to his work. Today, he leads a team of mixed methods researchers at State Farm headquarters in Bloomington, IL, that is focused on informing projects for innovation teams and executive leadership across the enterprise. Bruce is an enthusiastic advocate for actionable research and has had the privilege of launching and building national brands, products, and services throughout his career.

Jessica Kurth's Profile

Jessica Kurth Related Seminars and Products


Now What, LLC

Jessica is a freelance market research project manager and qualitative analyst. She brings peace of mind to busy researchers by meticulously handling the details of research logistics, recruiting management, qualitative analysis and more so her researcher partners have space to focus their creative genius on conducting research and building relationships with clients. 

Mary Beth Solomon's Profile

Mary Beth Solomon Related Seminars and Products

Founder / Owner

Solomon Solutions

Susan Sweet's Profile

Susan Sweet Related Seminars and Products


Sweet Insight Group

Maria Virobik's Profile

Maria Virobik Related Seminars and Products



Maria Virobik is a seasoned qualitative market researcher with more than 25 years of experience in analysis and report writing. She has worked with clients in a wide range of categories, including automotive, packaged goods, pharma and technology. Maria enjoys tackling qualitative data to find the story and collaborating with moderators to deliver sparkling insights to their clients.

Jeff Walkowski's Profile

Jeff Walkowski Related Seminars and Products

Owner/President Inc

Jeff Walkowski is 25+ year member of QRCA.  His passion is training.  He co-founded the Online Moderator Training Institute, is a RIVA trainer, and he was the lead developer of the MRII’s Online Principles Express course in qualitative research.  He is known as one of the early adopters of online qualitative approaches, and in 2023 he published, “Mr. Online’s Playbook: 125 Pro Tips for Online Qualitative Projects.”  Jeff loves donuts, and he chose to live in Minneapolis partly because he loves cold weather.

Jay Zaltzman's Profile

Jay Zaltzman Related Seminars and Products


Bureau West: Helping Companies Grow

Jay Zaltzman believes that qualitative researchers can offer true value to clients by combining empathy with creative methodology and analytical rigor.  Jay has been president of Bureau West Market Research for the past twenty years.  He is an active member and past president of the QRCA.