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Street Research: Learning from Humans at the Intersection of Authenticity and Insights

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Jill Matthews, MBA |  Kelly Heatly
58 minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 31, 2020


Insights emerge in the places where humans are making the decision, buying the brand, or experiencing the product or service. By learning in the moment, within the natural purchase or experience environment, you keep your research “real” – so let’s take it to the streets! “Street research” involves gathering insights from consumers at the point of decision, purchase, consumption, and/or experience. By recruiting consumers ahead of time or via intercepts, and by using smart methods and technology to capture insights in the moment, you will gain rich insights on the street. Resilience required! The ultimate benefit: insightful, efficient, and agile research. In this session, we will discuss effective applications for place-based research and best practices for successful execution, including low- and high-tech tools for on-site data collection and analysis/reporting. We’ll also share case studies with different methodologies and approaches, so you can think about the best way to take your research to the streets!


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Bright Cactus, LLC

Jill Matthews is the President of Bright Cactus LLC, a marketing consultancy specializing in brand strategy consulting and consumer insights. Jill’s background in global brand strategy, insights, innovation, and shopper marketing makes her uniquely qualified to translate consumer needs and wishes into actionable insights with business implications. Known for her strategic mindset, coupled with entrepreneurial energy, Jill delivers impactful results to clients every time. Jill serves as a mentor to UTD MBA students, Type I Diabetes families, and also serves on Washington University’s Dallas Regional Cabinet.

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Consumer Insights Consultant

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