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Qcast: Leveraging AI with Intention

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Business Practices |  Consulting
William Leach
58 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Aug 18, 2023


The use of AI in qualitative research is here to stay and will only become more prevalent. How should qualitative researchers, especially those of us in the earlier stages of our careers, think about differentiating ourselves in this ever-changing landscape? 

In this session with insights professional and author Will Leach, we’ll explore the importance of first unlocking a passion (or multiple), tying that passion to current and future business needs, and approaching AI tools with intention to deliver the greatest value to businesses and marketers.  

This Qcast is a collaboration with QRCA’s Young Professionals Committee. 


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The Mindstate Group

Will Leach is the founder & CEO of Mindstate Group, a behavioral research and brand consultancy, and best-selling author of Marketing to Mindstates: a Practical Guide to Applying Behavioral Design to Research and Marketing.  Will is also a Behavioral Design instructor at SMU's Cox School of Business BLC and the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab. With over 25 years of behavioral insights experience, Will is widely regarded as the world's leading expert on subconscious mindstate research and consults with today's most innovative businesses to increase the effectiveness of their marketing using behavioral science.