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Inclusivity Is Messy: A Panel of Experienced Moderators Spill the Tea on Inclusive Moderating

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Analysis & Reporting |  Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Pam Goldfarb Liss |  Chris Hauck |  Roben Allong
54 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 04, 2021


Three experienced guides: Pam Goldfarb Liss, Chris Hauck, and Roben Allong will share their how-to tips and tricks on making both the moderating and insights journey more inclusive for clients, respondents and yourself. If you’re in the weeds, feel uncomfortable, or just need confirmation on ways to successfully manage inclusivity — this is the panel for you. Expect to hear relevant real world experiences and key takeaways for next level toolbox agility.



Pam Goldfarb Liss's Profile

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President/Big Brain

LitBrains-Igniting Ideas!

With more than 25 years of loving the never-know-what-to-expect insights of kids and teens; Pam Goldfarb Liss moderates on topics ranging from diabetes and fashion, media preferences and devices to soda pop and hygiene. Pam works with Fortune 100 companies like Bayer, Coca Cola, General Mills, Google, Kraft, Kroger, Nintendo, and others. Pam speaks regularly on topics around creative moderating, projective tools and moderating with kids/teens. She is a past board member of QRCA and is the current matchmaker for volunteer opportunities. In addition to her custom teaching opportunities with RIVA Market Research Institute in Washington DC, Pam started Mission Kid Possible, a virtual library of on-demand and live courses around moderating with kids and teens. Mission Kid Possible powered by LitBrains-Igniting Ideas! is located at After a decade living in the east coast with her east coast native husband and daughter; Pam lives with them back in her hometown in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is actively explaining what ‘Minnesota Nice’ really means to them both. (Hint: It frequently means nice but can be subtly passive aggressive especially on the road).

The past few years as we’ve all learned more and more about privacy laws impact on what we do, Pam noticed an evolution from the newer generations like Gen Z and Alpha around privacy and a growing sense of collaboration with the new media companies that is worth noting. In today’s session, Pam will talk through what parts of privacy teens are willing to exchange for collaboration.

Roben Allong's Profile

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Lightbeam Communications (M\WBE)

Founder and CEO of Lightbeam Communications Corp., Roben started a boutique research firm in New York City to provide evidence-based, more culturally relevant, on-trend solutions for brands and public sector entities.

Lightbeam’s clients tap her in-depth knowledge, research expertise, and deep understanding of the influence of social and cultural movements of previous decades on consumer attitudes, and behaviors to help them meet and exceed business objectives. She is an outspoken advocate of helping brands develop a competitive edge and be more inclusive by using cultural insights as effective soft power diplomacy.

As a former international senior music business executive, Roben Co-Chaired Global Music Committee Conferences responsible for strategic creative product development and marketing around the globe. Today, she is hailed by colleagues as the “Oprah” of the focus room and has presented research findings on emerging social and cultural trends at several distinguished organizations such as the Fashion Institute of Technology, University of San Francisco, and New York University as well as various industry conferences.

Most recently, Roben is a former President of QRCA and her compelling articles have been featured on both Quicks and Greenbook annual Editors' lists.