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Gen A To Z - From Crisis To Opportunity

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Alexia Raven, BA |  Giselle Bowie
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May 16, 2022


It's never been more important for brands to understand the long-term impact of COVID-19 and its implications for entertainment needs and behaviors to come. This study focuses on the universal truths but confronts the profound changes in family's everyday lives across the globe during this time of unprecedented disruption.


Alexia Raven, BA's Profile

Alexia Raven, BA Related Seminars and Products

VP, Consumer Insights/FanLab

Warner Bros.

Alexia leads the Consumer Insights/FanLab team which provides Warner Bros. with insights important to the development of content, product, talent, marketing and distribution strategies across broadcast, syndication, cable and digital platforms. Insights into the “hearts, minds, and motives” of fans and consumers through both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies is critical to help inform business decisions.    In her role as VP, Alexia identifies key insights for brands such as DC Entertainment, Ellen, TMZ, The Real, and various other Warner Bros. IP. She spearheads global  generational research that identifies potential business implications for content development, distribution and marketing strategies. Alexia is also an experienced Focus Group moderator and leads discussions and ideation sessions with all age levels of consumer segments, gauging their reactions to new and existing content, digital platforms, and exploring their overall media consumption habits.    Alexia is a major proponent of empowering young professionals. During her time at WB, she has led the Internship program in her department that has received various accolades from the company. "Providing rich opportunities for young minds to learn, share and express ideas, and grow and develop is an essential part of my leadership philosophy.”

Giselle Bowie Related Seminars and Products

Warner Bros.

Giselle is part of the WarnerMedia/Warner Bros. Global Research Insights & Analytics FANLab research team focusing on Cultural Insights. She has been at Warner Bros. for 5 years and along with Cultural Insights, has worked on WB Global Brands & Franchises supporting Consumer Products, the Harry Potter global brand, Themed Experiences and Studio Tours Marketing. Prior to coming to Warner Bros., she honed her 15+ year research career in consumer packaged goods, working on brand development and innovation research at Kellogg’s, Mattel, and 3M.