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Digital Stickies: Virtual Whiteboards for Analysis and Reporting

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Casey Bernard
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
May 17, 2022


In 2020 many of us tried to find new ways to collaborate with clients and participants using virtual whiteboards and sharing tools such as Miro, Mural, Stormboard and more. While we tried to recreate the backroom and focus group experience online, we made an exciting discovery - many of these online collaboration tools can help with not only presenting stimuli, but they can also be great tools for capturing data, working through analysis and creating visuals for reports. 

In this 60 minute workshop, we will demonstrate different ways to use Miro for streamlining the back end of your projects with data collection and visualization. If you analyze data from focus groups, IDIs or online asynchronus studies there is something for you in this presentation.