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Use Your Qual Skills to Market Yourself!

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Business Practices
Jay Zaltzman
59 minutes
Audio and Video
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Jan 30, 2020


Many QRCs are intimidated by marketing.  But we don’t need to be!  The very mix of skills that make for a good qualie (people skills and analytical capabilities) are all you need to be a great marketer! During this session, we’ll discuss how to position yourself (note: you don’t HAVE to focus on a specific industry if you don’t want to!), whom to target, and the wide variety of marketing options available to you and how to choose which to focus on.  You don’t have to do them all!  And we’ll get down to the specifics of several marketing methods including how to raise your profile, using LinkedIn and even – gasp! – cold emailing.



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Bureau West: Helping Companies Grow

Jay Zaltzman believes that qualitative researchers can offer true value to clients by combining empathy with creative methodology and analytical rigor.  Jay is a past president of the QRCA and is currently serving as chair of the Southern California Chapter.  Jay has been president of Bureau West Market Research for the past twenty years.  He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences.    Jay was born in New York and moved to Israel as a child. He received his first qualitative research training in the Israel Defense Forces, where he was an interviewer of candidates as part of the recruitment process. After his military service, he completed a BA in Psychology at Tel Aviv University. He began his career in market research after returning to the U.S.  He currently lives in Palm Springs, CA, where he is co-founder of Salon for the Parched, a local think tank.  

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