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Ripping the Band-Aid Off – What Moderators, Field Service Firms, and Facilities Really Think About One Another

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Business Practices |  Project Management
Jonathan Schneider |  Michelle Finzel
59 minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 29, 2020


Positive relationships between moderators, recruiters, and facilities are paramount to every qualitative research success story. The entire industry relies upon this symbiosis. However, constantly decreasing budgets and ever tighter timelines are just some of the factors putting relationships to the test. This presentation will reveal the results of our own qualitative research with moderators, recruiters and facility owners to understand what they see as the biggest issues affecting the relationships between all of us and how to solve them.



Jonathan Schneider's Profile

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The Candor Company

Jonathan has been in qualitative research since 2001 when he formed Square One Research with Liz Moore, a fellow QRCA member. Currently, the two own The Candor Company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In 2015, he realized that qualitative research needed more candor and empathy. Participants needed more conducive physical environments to provider better insights. Moderators needed to be more transparent with their objectives to get more transparency from consumers. Everything Jonathan now does aims to make qualitative research feel more natural, open, and honest. Having always had an artistic eye and a creative drive, one of Jonathan’s skills is reporting via documentary style films. He wanted to go to film school but decided on an MBA from Emory University. He has a BA from the University of Virginia. In his spare time, he is an avid cyclist and Lego builder.


Michelle Finzel's Profile

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DAP Global, Inc.

Michelle Finzel has been saying, “Thank you for calling Maryland Marketing Source. How may I help you?” since she was 8-years-old. As the current President of Maryland Marketing Source, Inc., Michelle leverages her unique perspective of the industry’s development over the past 30 years and embraces the nuanced roles she has to play as a small business owner in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland in order to provide her clients with the streamlined results and personalized service they appreciate and expect. She also endeavors to ensure her company is an asset to the community by supporting other minority businesses, sponsoring local children’s sports teams, and engaging in projects that directly benefit the State of Maryland. Michelle has been published several times and has presented at several industry- and communications-focused conferences. She currently serves as Chair of the Field Committee for the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), has served on the board of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), and is a member of the Insights Association (IA).