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QRCA + Burke Institute Learning Series - Selecting the Right Size and Length for Your Qualitative Interviews (2)

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Professionalism |  Communication
Jim Berling
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03 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 09, 2023


The second video in the Qualitative Perspectives series reviews how to choose the format and size for your qualitative interviews.  This sounds like it should be simple.  Pick groups or IDI’s and let’s get started.  In fact, one of the most difficult choices and decisions is choosing the format and timing, because of how they impact the cost, timing and what we can learn.  One way to start is by asking questions like, do we need group interaction or not?  Do we need to employ specialty techniques to drill down into their behaviors and emotions? Can we provide a safe environment for people to share and open up?  After watching the short video, you should have a few tips for helping you choose the best format and timing for your qualitative interviews. Keep on moderating!