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Qcast: A Changing Playbook: Helping Brands Rethink Customer Experience

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Consulting |  Research Design
Kendall Nash
1 hour
Audio and Video
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Jul 30, 2020


It’s been said that the pandemic has not been so much a disruption, but rather an acceleration of things that were already on their way somewhere new. While that may not be completely true of everything, certainly the technology we use, the way we shop, order food, and engage with brands shifted drastically in just a few weeks. To help brands win in this new landscape, we need to recognize the ways in which the marketing funnel has shifted – and the implications of that on who, how, and when we research. Customer Experience (CX) is built around the usefulness, usability, and enjoyment people have engaging with products and brands, yet the playbook has changed significantly in how consumers gauge these three components.  
In this webinar, we will discuss the nuances of how these elements have been forever changed and identify the ways research can help brands figure it all out. We’ll focus on how we can more aptly lean on qualitative research to help navigate the fluidity of consumer mindset and behavior through reflective interviews, evolved journey mapping, digital observation, and usability research.



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Vice President, Senior Qualitative Consultant

Burke, Inc.

Kendall Nash is a qualitative and quantitative research lead at Burke, Inc., and an instructor of the Burke Institute. With her curiosity and passion for learning, Kendall designs smart research that brings brand teams together on strategy and helps clients uncover what people truly want and translate those insights into action, so their brands can win.

In her 17 years at Burke, including 10 years as head of the company’s qualitative practice, Kendall has designed and conducted research projects for clients in a wide range of industries, with a focus on technology, adventure brands, restaurants and consumer goods. She also moderates many of the qualitative studies, from in-person focus groups and IDIs to consumer workshops, digital diaries, online bulletin boards and mini-communities. Kendall is a past president of QRCA and frequent presenter at industry events.