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 This program is no longer active, however there are other versions of this program in which you may be interested.

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Qcast - Cultural Nuance: Connecting with Black and Latino Consumers for Diverse Market Growth

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Business Practices |  Professionalism |  Research Design
Isabel Aneyba |  Pepper Miller
1 hour





How can businesses gain a competitive edge with Black and Latino consumers?   

Achieving maximum brand growth requires actively cultivating connections within the Black and Latino consumer markets. Their evolving culture and influence positively shape America’s landscape and contribute to brand revenue. 

This session will explore how understanding and respecting the cultural nuances of Black American and Latino consumers can amplify the impact of a brand’s marketing. We’ll also discuss how marketers and researchers can culturally connect with Black and Latino participants via recruiting, research tools and interviewing.   

In this candid conversation, our speakers will share insights on key topics including:  

  • How Blacks and Latinos want to be addressed 

  • Segmentation: Knowing who you really need to talk to and why 

  • Representation in market research: Where is it? 

  • Missteps and successes: Who’s getting it right? 


Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of: 

  • Why diverse representation matters in market research.  

  • The importance of incorporating cultural relevance in products, services and marketing strategies to connect authentically with Black and Latino communities. 

  • How recognizing and understanding Black Americans’ and Latinos’ unique cultural references is critical to creating relevant strategies and communications. 

  • How leading with Black and Latino insights fosters growth among these segments and mainstream audiences.  




Isabel Aneyba's Profile

Isabel Aneyba Related Seminars and Products


COMARKA Consulting & Research

Isabel Aneyba is a seasoned Mexican-American market researcher & strategist with 18 years of research experience guiding better products and services.  

As founder of COMARKA, a cross-cultural market research firm based in Austin, TX, Isabel has done extensive research in the US and Mexico in several categories including food and beverage, retail, health care and technology. In 2020, Isabel received the REEL award (Research and Equitable Leadership) and the recognition as one of the top 50 insights leaders in the U.S. 

Isabel has served on the QRCA Board of Directors and chaired the Latino SIG and the Ethnography SIG for 10 years. 


Pepper Miller's Profile

Pepper Miller Related Seminars and Products

Author, President

Hunter-Miller, Inc.

Pepper Miller is a recognized Black American consumer researcher, three-time author, and Black American subject matter expert.  

Since 1995, Pepper has been a trailblazer helping large corporations understand and positively engage the Black consumer market. 

Pepper encourages audiences to think broader and differently about Black America by talking about both simple ideas and taboo topics so that they can tailor their marketing strategies to be more inclusive and effective. 

Her third Black insights book “Let Me Explain Black Again: Exploring Blind Spots and Black Insights for Marketing to Understand Black Culture and Perspectives”, launched April 2023 is receiving many accolades and tributes.