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Wandering or Wondering about the Future of Qual: Forging New Paths to Deliver Value in Uncertain Times

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Business Practices |  Consulting
Randi Stillman |  Rick Weitzer
56 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jan 30, 2020


If “the most human company wins” in our chaotic, competitive marketplace (as Mark Schaefer wrote in Marketing Rebellion), qualitative researchers are well-positioned to help. Whether or not we have a seat at our ideal client’s table, we dwell at the intersection of marketing, strategy, and humanity. Our value is rooted in the connections we form with both our clients and respondents to reveal real-world insights about the human experience. QRCs are wrestling with new realities – such as global business uncertainty, fragmentation in the “insights” space, and in-house DIY research – mostly shaped by the disruption of technology, which makes the job of humanizing business decisions very challenging. These new realities have far-reaching implications for us, demanding that we proactively adapt and create new opportunities and avenues to deliver value to businesses and organizations. To understand the challenges quallies face right now and the impact on and implications for qualitative research, we conducted IDIs with external thought-leading research stakeholders. We will present a composite, big-picture outlook on actionable trends based on the perspectives of diverse types and generations of research stakeholders, which include corporate, agency, entrepreneurial, academic, and facility and platform providers.



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Bottom Line Market Research & Consulting

Randi Stillman is Founder and Principal of Bottom Line Market Research & Consulting, with more than 25 years’ experience in qualitative research. During this time, she has designed, managed, moderated/facilitated, and analyzed thousands of in-depth interviews, ethnographies, and group discussions. Randi’s background includes graduate business education (MBA) at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, immersive participation in the school’s globally recognized laboratory in new product and service development, and Synectics training in creative problem solving for business teams and enterprises. She is a 10-year active member of QRCA and co-organizer of the three QRCA mini-conferences on leading-edge developments in qualitative research.

Rick Weitzer's Profile

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Prell Organization

Rick Weitzer is Principal of the Prell Organization, a marketing research consulting firm that uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to help its clients see their brands more clearly. Rick received his M.S. in Urban Studies from Cleveland State University and a B.A. in Psychology from Case Western Reserve University. He currently is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Webster University, teaching marketing research to graduate and undergraduate students, and is co-chair of QRCA’s Academic Special Interest Group.