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Using Live Experiences for Deep Understanding

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Analysis & Reporting |  Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Chris Hauck
46 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Feb 02, 2021


What if we turned the tables on traditional research? What if we let the respondents in on the fact that we are doing research while keeping that fact from everyone else participating in a real life experience? It’s a bit like having the subject of a picture in fine resolutions and the background being very faded out. But we are studying the impact of the background on the foreground. So we don’t wash out the background, we are focusing on it at the same time. I’ve used these techniques for years and they are particularly entertaining for me. And valuable for my clients. I’ll share examples from a study in the restaurant industry and in retail.



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For more than 30 years, Chris has honed his research skills across a wide variety of categories - from telecom and IT to consumer packaged goods, hospitality, medical products and consulting.  Undoubtedly influenced by a colorful, exotic upbringing in West Africa, Chris has an almost insatiable desire to explore and stretch his professional range.   Chris recently opened a new consultancy on January 1 2020 dedicated to experiential marketing research.  Research designs are focused on observing consumers behaving in real situations.  He’s also been on both the client side with GTE and the supplier side with a variety of large and small providers, including a firm he started in 2000.  Chris has an BBA and MBA from Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth TX and currently lives in Longmont Colorado.  Chris is currently president of his own company dedicated to experiential research, HauckEye. 

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