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Recruiting Alchemists Not Just Representatives Using Big 5 Personality Traits to Ensure Participants are Qualified to Make Ideas Better Not Safer

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Project Management |  Research Design
Peter Totman
57 minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 31, 2020


Recruitment is often seen as the boring end of the process - methodology has always been the sexy bit, right? Wrong — the sexiest methodology in the world falls flat without the right participants. This is the story of how we used the Big 5 personality theory to find the people are methodology deserved - and unique experiment we conducted to find the sweet spot.


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Head of Qualitative

Jigsaw Research

Peter has over 25 years experience in qualitative research and ad planning. He is head of qualitative research at Jigsaw. He is a Fellow of the MRS and board member at the AQR. He has lived and worked in both UK and US.


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