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Qualitative Quality: How to Delight Clients with Insights They Can Defend

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Analysis & Reporting |  Communication
Mary Sorber |  Paitra Russell |  Joeffrey Trimmingham
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Feb 04, 2021


With all the focus on big data and analytics, we know that decision makers need qualitative now more than ever to find meaning within their metrics. But qualitative is increasingly challenged in a research world dominated by large data sets and continuing DIY trends.

In this presentation, cultural anthropologist Paitra Russell, UX researcher Mary Sorber, and design strategist Joeffrey Trimmingham explore approaches that qualitative researchers can use to speak to the issue of quality. This includes effective strategies for communicating trustworthiness and generating output that you and your clients can defend. We will also cover ways to address quality from the beginning to the end of the engagement.

We will draw on our own experiences and primary research with quallies and clients to deliver a view of what it takes to get qualitative to the point where trustworthiness is not questioned.


Mary Sorber's Profile

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Practical Insights

Mary Sorber is the founder of Practical Insights, a boutique research consultancy, and currently works in-house at Wells Fargo as a Principal XD Researcher. She specializes in insight generation through qualitative methods and has a particular passion for making technology useful for people. She has worked for leading technology companies including Cisco, Autodesk, Intuit and Google. The opinions expressed here are her own.

Paitra Russell's Profile

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Principal Researcher

Philip Reese LLC

Trained in cultural anthropology at Harvard and the University of Chicago, Paitra has more than two decades of experience studying consumers’ lives, attitudes, activities, and environments.

After earning her PhD, she built and managed a successful in-context research practice for a Fortune 200 company, representing the voice of the consumer to senior leadership, brand managers and product developers. She is a seasoned and talented facilitator of interactions with consumers and an adept trainer for management teams in the art and science of observational research.

Paitra is passionate about understanding human experiences. When she’s not hanging out with consumers, you’ll find her reading sci-fi, writing creative nonfiction, or playing card games with her sons and husband.

Joeffrey Trimmingham's Profile

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Philip Reese LLC

Joeffrey’s approach to consulting is grounded in his training in mathematics at Northwestern University, industrial design at the University of Illinois Chicago, and more than two decades of entrepreneurship and advisory experience.

After completing his master’s degree, he built an award-winning design and branding agency. The company served more than 200 clients including small businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies. Joeffrey works as an advisor to business leaders, helping them to uncover opportunities to improve their results.

Joeffrey loves great design and music. He enjoys traveling to new spots, binge-watching thought-provoking series and playing card games with his sons and wife.