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Qcast: Narrative Economics – Rethinking the Role of Storytelling and Behavioral Economics

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Business Practices |  Research Design
Susan Fader
1 hour



This Q-cast on Narrative Economics will have you rethinking both the role of storytelling and behavioral economics.

Storytelling plays a major role in business and research, but the main focus tends to be on storytelling as output – on how you deliver the findings of the research.  Narrative Economics is about storytelling as input, on how having the people you are interested in see the world. In Narrative Economics a story does not have to have a beginning, middle or end. It can be a joke, a sermon, a one liner. Incorporating Narrative Economics into your armamentarium will also change your perspective on Behavioral Economics and whether a consumer is exhibiting irrational behavior.  It will also enrich what people are able to share with you.

Fader will share immediately actionable, easy to implement aspects of Narrative Economics that will help shift your mindset about the role and benefits of storytelling.  

Hosted by Rick Weitzer, Prell Organization & Co-Chair of QRCA's Academic SIG 

This Qcast will be offered LIVE only - a recording will not be available.