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QCast: Cultivating Connection- Helping Decision-Makers Understand the Humans Behind the Data

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Communication
Cory Davison
58 minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 30, 2020


How do you connect the qualitative findings with the decision-makers, to further drive action? One of the biggest challenges for qualitative researchers is to deliver insights to the different audiences and promote a common understanding of who the humans are providing input in the research. In this session, you will learn techniques to help you connect decision-makers with the customer’s real stories and to further act on the feedback that will improve their business outcomes. Connecting the humans behind the data is about the dual role of the qualitative researcher; on the one hand, it’s about humanizing data to help decision-makers understand the customer stories. On the other hand, it’s about connecting with the decision-makers who are interpreting the research from their own perspectives. This session will present real case studies on how to use customer journey mapping techniques in your qualitative practices to help decision-makers relate to the human behind the data and to further take action that drives business outcomes.



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Want to know the right strategy to get the needed results? Cory will help you get unstuck from the analytics and gain clarity on the best path to get the results that you need. As a trusted strategist and master connector of people and data, she designs a clear path for clients and guides them on the execution. Cory Davison is one of only 100 Gold Qualtrics certified qualitative and quantitative researchers in the world and a certified customer experience (CX) expert. For over 25 years she has focused on helping organizations understand customers and stakeholders, improving business and operational outcomes by turning data into action. With a business degree and extensive experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and in corporate leadership roles, Cory is a guru in connecting the dots between data and qualitative insights that turn into actionable outcomes. Her expertise has been invaluable to companies in several industries: software and hardware technologies, manufacturing, automotive, financial, retail, government, lottery, non-profit, human resources, pharmaceutical and others. Cory has led ground-up B2B and B2C Voice of the Customer programs for companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation, BGA now HSBC in Latin America and SMART Technologies. Most recently Cory, along with a team of research and design-thinking experts, founded 4Xperience to bring curated knowledge and expertise to companies who are continuously improving how they compete based on customer experience. Key accounts include companies such as Shopify, Shaw Communications, TAB Bank, Benevity, CREB.