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Can AI help you? Leveraging Your Human Skills in a Digital World

Total Credits: .5 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Consulting
Silvana di Gregorio
27 minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jan 31, 2020


We live an in age of artificial intelligence, where algorithms make suggestions to us and even make decisions that impact us. Evolving technology is giving us unprecedented access to more data sources than ever before and changing the way businesses gather and treat data in research. The presentation will explore these evolving tools and discuss how QRCs can harness these tools to better support our work and get to deeper insights. We will discuss different considerations for qualitative researchers:

  • Why automation can be a good thing
  • Can AI be your friend?
  • Can software be designed so that algorithms can be clearly understood?
  • How can QRCs leverage their skills when using such software?

Attendees will leave the presentation with a better understanding of how they can leave the heavy lifting of qualitative research to AI giving them more time to focus on their human interpretative skills.




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Research Director


Silvana is a sociologist and a former academic. She has been involved with training, consulting and publishing about qualitative data analysis software since 1995. She has consulted on qualitative research projects from the academic, government and commercial sectors worldwide. For 16 years she had her own training/consultancy business – SdG Associates - focussed on qualitative analysis using software. The software she covered included ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, MAXqda, NUD*IST, NVivo, Transana and XSight. Since 2013, she has been employed by QSR International, the developers of NVivo. She is currently Director of QSR Research - she works closely with the user community as well as potential users in ascertaining their needs regarding qualitative software development.