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Priscila Aramburu

Directora Cualitativos

De La Riva Group

For the last 15 years Priscila has kept track of the impact on a variety of brands from the changing media sphere, particularly, the momentous developments of e-commerce and phygital retail. With a background in Communication studies and a Masters in Literary Edition (she authored The Hispanic Game in 2012), she has taught in different universities and put together the most heterogeneous teams of sensemakers to stay on top of our ongoing media revolution and its thirst for innovation, inspiration and meaning. She is currently the head of Hub, the transdisciplinary qual division of de la Riva Group. 

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Future Focus: Keeping Up with Consumers Amid Uncertainty - QRCA 2022 Virtual Summit Archive

Total Credits: 3 Advance Credits

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Analysis & Reporting |  Consulting
Edward Appleton |  Priscila Aramburu |  Anne Sophie Damelincourt |  hanna holländer |  William Leach |  Nicole Mitchell |  Chee Ngai Ng
3 hours
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Dec 07, 2022
Short Description:
Future Focus: Keeping Up with Consumers Amid Uncertainty will provide a look at key market issues facing consumers worldwide, and the impact this has on how we conduct and analyze qualitative research...
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