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Nichola Quail

Founder and CEO

Insights Exchange

Nichola Quail is a veteran Global Insights Strategist, Research Specialist and Demography Expert. After working independently as a qualitative researcher for 10+ years, she saw an opportunity in the growth of professional services marketplaces and wanted to ensure market research had a place. Now as Founder and Director of Insights Exchange, a platform that connects businesses with a global network of on-demand researchers, Nichola has been driving ‘collective human intelligence’ for over two decades.

Her session, How Technology, Remote Working and the Rise of the Independent Specialist is Ushering a New Era for Qualitative Researchers, will cover the rise of the professional gig economy and how qualitative researchers can take advantage of this new era to build a career that works for them, while being mindful of the challenges that come with this evolution. She is passionate about the consumer technology space and presented at a number of conferences including ad:tech, iMedia, Digital Masterclassing and MMS in NZ and Australia.

Proudly Kiwi born and bred, she completed her Masters in Political Communications Studies. Then after her first graduate role in a political polling firm, she was hooked in the world of market research and the power of human connection. Nichola likes nothing more than connecting with fellow researchers and enabling more businesses to access the power of qualitative research.