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You Say To-may-toe & I Say To-mah-toe: Is it Just a Matter of How You Say it, or Is it the Words That You Use?

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Communication |  Consulting
Michele Ronsen |  Janet Standen
30 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Feb 01, 2021


Are UX and MR two professions divided by different languages, or could we speak the same language just with a different accent!? UX/MRX are in flux. Historically independent silos are converging. Collaboration has never been more important yet sometimes it seems as if we don’t speak the same language, at least well enough to fully understand one another. Some a-ha moments underscored the need for a shared vocabulary. We led people to participate in a global, grassroots effort to begin a codified language. The result is the beginning of the UXR Lexicon: a living, certified dictionary of Research, Design and Marketing terms for everyone. The collaboration also inspired a friendship across professional lines. As we debated and discussed terms, we continually asked ourselves “do we speak a different language, have a slightly different interpretation of the same words or just have a different accent?” It was fun finding out and we’d love to share our journey as we played with words and their meaning together. Help us decide. Do we need two Lexicons, or can there be one that embraces both worlds — The MR & UX Lex?



Michele Ronsen's Profile

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Curiosity Tank

• Michele Ronsen is the Founder & CEO of Curiosity Tank, a user research consultancy based in San Francisco.
• Michele is a user research executive, coach and educator. She teaches design and user research to people around the world. Her corporate training and workshops are inspired by her work with Fortune 500 firms and start-ups for more than 20 years.
• In 2010, Michele founded Ronsen Consulting, a design and strategy firm specializing in human-centered research, design development and hands-on learning programs. Ten years later, she established Curiosity Tank to help more people ask better questions in order to make confident decisions.
• Since 2020, Michele has taught over 5000 students how to ask better questions and make more informed business decisions. LinkedIn also honored her with a TopVoices award in the Technology category. 

Janet Standen's Profile

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Scoot Insights

Janet Standen turns questions into directions fast - through bringing fresh qualitative insights to brands & businesses in an accelerated process that does not compromise depth of learning. As Co-Founder of Scoot Insights, she leverages over 30 years of consumer & B2B marketing experience to unearth insights that are relevant and actionable, to help management teams make more powerful decisions. Janet is a customer-driven innovation, brand positioning, communication & team facilitation specialist, with a breadth of research experience gained working in the US and in the UK/Europe across many categories and target audiences.

Janet served on the board of QRCA for 4 years and was the 2022 President’s Award recipient for outstanding service to the qualitative research industry and community. She is Co-Chair of the QRCA UX SIG. Janet is Co-Founder and remains actively involved in MRxPros.