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Using Empathy to Grow Your Business

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Business Practices |  Moderating/Facilitation
April Bell
42 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Feb 04, 2021


This roundtable will facilitate a discussion about the power of empathy. Empathy is a catalyst that gives way to inspired thinking and purposeful action in the often ""chaotic"" creative process. We will talk about how leading our clients and ourselves with empathy takes not only curiosity but courage and vulnerability. Along with how this "soft" skill can create powerful shifts in our lives and businesses.



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April Bell Research Group

For two decades, April Bell has consulted with big brands to translate unspoken desires into innovation. With empathy as her North Star, she has been a catalyst for organizational teams and leaders to uncover human motivation for products innovations that impact the masses.

But a painful divorce, followed by COVID, created a need to harness her 20,000+ hours of experience with clients using empathy to innovate her world. As she saw her own confusion and chaos give way to peace and forgiveness, her curiosity blossomed.

She then began (as any good researcher would do) to test her hypothesis with clients and friends using empathy to help innovate people as well as product. As she documented her learnings, her book was born: The Fire Starter: Igniting Innovation with Empathy. She is now on a mission to provide a process and tools to help others ignite creativity using the power of empathy – to innovate both products and people!