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Unlock Your Research Superpowers and Reduce Analysis Time by 80%

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Analysis & Reporting |  Research Design
Kathryn Topp
Audio and Video
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Mar 24, 2023


With AI no longer a niche technology, qualitative researchers have an incredible opportunity to shift how they approach, conduct, collaborate and analyze their research. Yabble CEO Kathryn Topp would even say AI can turn you into a research superhero – join her for her session on how AI-powered insights can reduce your analysis time by up to 80% and unlock your own research superpowers.



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A relentless innovator with a passion for progress and problem-solving, Kathryn Topp is an award-winning researcher with more than 25 years' experience in the industry. She's spent her career working at the world's leading insights houses and with some of the globe's biggest brands. Today Kathryn leads Yabble, a Generative AI company that is changing the way insights are created. Yabble works with leading brands and agencies around the world, helping them to adopt new AI technologies to unlock their insights and unleash their teams.