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Rise of the Robots, Chatbots...Humans?

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Kristin Luck
1 Hour, 11 Minutes
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Jan 29, 2020


Without a doubt, the competitive environment of the market research industry is changing rapidly and broadening from an old paradigm of traditional research to a new one that converges with both business intelligence and data analytics providers. Both GfK and Nielsen have sold off their custom research businesses in favor of building out syndicated products and third-party data providers are, in some cases, eliminating the need for primary research entirely. With the rise of automation, chatbots, and AI, many qualitative researchers are scratching their heads and wondering…where’s long-term opportunity? Serial marketing technology entrepreneur, quant jock, and industry growth strategist, Kristin Luck, will highlight the trends driving global growth in the market research vertical, with a deep dive into the profound impact (and financial repercussions) of quantitative researchers dehumanization of the industry. Which may make you wonder….WTF is she doing as our keynote? After spending years creating technology solutions that speed the time to insights and optimize research profits, Kristin has become acutely aware of the negative impact of many of these solutions on both respondent experience and data quality, illuminating the need to return to more authentic consumer interactions. She’ll also talk about how to cut through the research trends clutter and embrace technology solutions that RE-humanize the industry; creating greater growth opportunities for qualitative research than ever before.


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Kristin Luck is founder of ScaleHouse and Women in Research. She is a former member of the senior leadership team at Decipher, prior to the company's successful sale. A lifelong quantitative researcher, Kristin now advocates at the highest level for the unparalleled insights derived from qualitative research and is a fierce proponent for humanizing research, believing technology has the ability to increase — not decrease — human connection.