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Qually Award: Dos and Don'ts of Recruiting with a Client List

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Tasheenah Brown |  Antonio Lopez
18 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 24, 2023


Presented by the 2023 QRCA Qually Award Winners, the duo will share how they approached recruiting for a nonprofit project on a skinny budget and project timeline. Learn more about their strategies that forced them to be nimble in their methodology while still achieving client objectives and satisfaction. Learn more about what they would, and wouldn't do again.


Tasheenah Brown's Profile

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Lightbeam Communications

Tasheenah applies her diverse lived and professional experiences and background in Sociology to her work as a Research Analyst and Moderator. Her methodology goes beyond understanding what people think, to examining the cultural and systemic factors that influence behavior. Brown has partnered with corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, higher education institutions, and communities to advance their missions by incorporating diverse and inclusive values and products. She has more than 5 years of experience facilitating one on one interviews and focus groups with a wide variety of participants. When moderating, Brown places an emphasis on establishing a safe environment for participants to share openly and honestly, both virtually and in person.

Tasheenah has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a minor in Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University. For the past ten years, Tasheenah has worked to communicate the interest of underrepresented communities in the worlds of energy, education, finance, health care, and insurance. In her personal life, she is an advocate for social justice and it is her passion to create a more just and equitable world for all people.

Antonio Lopez's Profile

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With just over a year in the Qualitative field, Antonio Lopez has already had extensive experience in nearly every aspect of Qualitative research. Whether it is in moderating, both virtually and in-person, analysis, writing, and even recruiting, which is where our conversation today will explore. Antonio started his professional career in the arts. After 5 years working in children’s programming, he learned to utilize his empathic approach to live moderating with his respondents. With his additional experience in theatre and community engagement, Antonio has found himself able to transition his skills into qualitative research from more than just moderating, but analysis as well.

With his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Macaulay Honors College, Antonio became a part of the Qualitative Market Research profession unplanned. However, with the robust toolset that he has gathered from past experiences, and under the leadership of Lightbeam Communications, he is excited to assist companies that truly want to understand and engage their consumers in meaningful ways.