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Qcast: Using Behavioural Economics to Elevate Your Qual Research Game

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Lauren Mccrae
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Jan 25, 2018

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Live from the Conference! This webinar will be broadcast live from the 2018 QRCA Annual Conference.

Presenter: Lauren McCrae

A leading wearables brand wanted to understand why some consumers — whose profiles indicated they were a target for wearables — were not interested in purchasing one. Getting to the bottom of why a behavior is not happening is one of the most difficult types of research we are asked to do — because often consumers themselves are not fully aware of all the factors influencing their actions (or lack thereof). Come to this session to learn 1) how applying a behavioral economics framework helped a leading wearables brand really understand what was driving consumer perceptions and behavior, so they could figure out how to change consumers’ minds, and 2) how you can apply the same technique to your research.

Target Audience: Qual researchers who already have a basic understanding of behavioral economics (BE), and who want to learn how to apply the principles of BE to qual research.


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Lux Insights, Inc.

As a Director at Lux Insights, Lauren oversees Lux’s qualitative research practice and is one of the firm’s leading moderators. Lauren specializes in brand and public affairs research in diverse sectors including technology, CPG, real estate and government and has helped clients such as Fitbit, WD-40 and Tyson Foods by developing the best research solutions, executing them rigorously, and ensuring clients understand what the findings mean for their organizations. In her previous life, Lauren was a public policy researcher in the UK where she learned how to apply behavioral economics lessons to public policy interventions.