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 This program is no longer active, however there are other versions of this program in which you may be interested.

Qcast - B2B Recruiter Panel: Finding those elusive participants (and other tips and tricks), 10/20/2023, On Demand More info »

Qcast - B2B Recruiter Panel: Finding those elusive participants (and other tips and tricks)

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Business Practices |  Moderating/Facilitation
Luke Brodbeck |  John Dirks |  Leah Lowe |  Melanie Oltmann
1 Hour
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October 2023 Qcast

Do you hesitate to take on some B2B projects because you fear it will be impossible to find enough participants that meet your stakeholder’s very narrow criteria? You know the drill, “we want to talk to architects who use fire-retardant coatings for steel beams…. In municipal buildings.” 

Does your study require finding a super niche audience that isn’t readily available from your preferred B2B qualitative sample providers?

Fear no more. We have invited some experts at sleuthing out these “unicorns” to join us in a panel discussion of just how they work their magic. From recruiting standard industry executives to uncovering the super niche audiences as well as options for DIY-ing it…we plan to cover it all!

This Qcast is a collaboration with QRCA’s B2B SIG.


Luke Brodbeck Related Seminars and Products

Senior Director, Research & Insights

GBK Collective

Luke is a Senior Director of Research & Insights at GBK Collective. Throughout his career in consumer goods and market research, he has extensive experience in customer service, project management, and consumer behavior. Before joining GBK Collective, Luke helped implement best research practices at Aspire Venture Capital, focusing on early-stage investing and conducting research on new technology concepts, and implemented best practices in the research and development of seed-stage companies.

John Dirks Related Seminars and Products

Chief Research Officer

Blink UX.

John joined the company as a Senior UX Researcher shortly after its founding in 2000, and he has been instrumental in growing its research practice to the highly capable team it is today.   Blink’s research studies are often highly complex B2B engagements that inform strategy, design, and marketing decisions.  John has been deeply involved in Blink’s participant recruiting efforts and decisions as the company’s research operations have expanded, and he is looking forward to sharing stories from a UX consulting company’s perspective.

Leah Lowe Related Seminars and Products

Qualitative Team Lead


Leah has 20 years of research experience, with an expertise in qualitative research. She leads Hypothesis' qualitative specialists and research operations team, Mission Control.

In her role she ensures high-quality recruiting and thought partnership with a specialty in segmentation, usability, entertainment, luxury consumers, tech, B2B/experts, auto/ auto clinics, online qualitative, and online board moderation. Prior to Hypothesis, Leah was the Operations Director for a Qualitative Research facility.

Melanie Oltmann Related Seminars and Products

Vice President, Research & Insights

GBK Collective

Melanie has more than 15 years of experience in marketing research, research operations, project management and strategic consulting. She has experience across a variety of industries, from consumer packaged goods, QSR, and beauty/personal care products to companies in the technology, B2B and financial space.Melanie earned her B.S. from Texas A&M University, studying food science and technology, and began her career at Nestlé USA where exposure to consumer testing piqued her interest in research.