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Just Roll with it: UXR Successes and Pitfalls

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Deborah Klotz |  Bronwen Ward
20 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 24, 2023


Our team will take you through an overview of how we built our successful UXR “relationship” through a continuous, rolling research process. In our session we will share our learning with you through tips and tools that have contributed to our success, as well as some of the challenges to watch out for along the way AND our strategies for mitigating them. Attendees will walk away emPOWERed to leverage the tools and processes we share in any qualitative study with confidence.



Deborah Klotz Related Seminars and Products

Vice President, Qualitative Research

Upwords Inc.

Deborah’s curiosity drives her to explore people’s motivations and behaviours, to understand her client’s business and to dig deeper for insights. In recent years, Deborah has taken a keen interest in evolving her qualitative research skillset into UXR. She is excited by how UXR allows her to be the eyes and ears of clients and to see the tangible impact insights she illuminates have on continuous product development and refinement.

Deborah has a degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto and for over 15 years has been passionate about delivering actionable insights, teaching moderating skills, speaking at, and chairing conferences. She stays highly involved in industry associations (she is currently a co-chair of the QRCA Canada Chapter). Prior to joining Upwords as Vice President, Insights in 2022, Deborah led the qualitative research practice for two full-service research firms. She works with a broad range of clients in industries including (but not limited to) Technology, FMCG, Media, Financial Services, Professional Services, Education, Travel & Tourism, and Crown Corporations/Government Agencies. Since joining Upwords, Deborah has been leading at least one UXR Rolling Research session per month.

Bronwen Ward's Profile

Bronwen Ward Related Seminars and Products

Director of Insights

Upwords Inc.

Bronwen believes every person has a unique and interesting story to tell. She values human perspectives and is always seeking to uncover underlying motivations that drive human decision making and behaviour. For Bronwen, every project is an opportunity help her clients deeply understand the ‘why’ through strategic, actionable insights.

Bronwen has been deeply immersed in the world of qualitative research since 2012. With experience across a broad spectrum of categories, with a variety of methodologies, Bronwen has become an expert at forging connections by allowing people to feel comfortable and relaxed while facilitating deep meaningful discussions. Since mid 2021, Bronwen has had the opportunity to dive deeply into the world of User Experience Research (UXR) by leading monthly rolling research projects aimed at deeply understanding “users” – their behaviours, needs and motivations – uncovering insights to help inform and optimize product development with user-first designs. Through this experience, Bronwen has discovered what works (and what doesn’t!) and how to just roll with it!