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Inclusive Research for Social Justice

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Research Design
Paula Rosecky |  Jyo Maan
50 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 03, 2021


Qualitative researchers are a powerhouse of knowledge and perspectives. Imagine what we could accomplish if we put our heads together to face the next move forward in the social justice movement! How might we better pitch inclusive research? How might we pull from our collective knowledge and wisdom to elevate the conversation and activate change? In this highly interactive, facilitated session we will tap into the diversity of our collective thought to ideate on ways qualitative researchers can continue to act. We will introduce the virtual “room” to trusted facilitation tools (micro structures) that allow all stories to emerge in a respectful, open, conversational way, using human centered design principles applied in design thinking and education to gather new ideas and data. Similar facilitation structures are used at non-profit organizations such as Popworksafrica, which is committed to amplifying diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives in international development and at Hello Future, an organization that bridges the education gap for adolescent refugees. Come to connect with fellow QRCs, discover a few facilitation structures and improve your pitch for inclusive research. Walk away with new insights, as well as an expanded mind.



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Jyo Maan is an agile coach/facilitator and innovation leader who creates a deep sense of self and community by co-designing cultures of belonging through emergent facilitation, social innovation, and leadership development. She is a HCD thinker and emergent facilitator who received her MBA from the University of Iowa and an MS in computer science from the University of North Dakota.   As a woman of color who has a deep understanding of the value of inclusion and belonging in organizational success, Jyo coaches organizations through their transitions with high levels of engagement, empathy and creativity. Jyo is ever curious and finds inspiration in people, food, travel, and dance. In leisure, she likes to bring out the ingredients from her pantry, refrigerator and freezer to experiment for what may be a possible creation of innovation in cooking for her family of friends.