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Healthcare SIG: How healthcare recruiting has changed since COVID

Total Credits: 1 Advance Credits

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Project Management |  Research Design
Pamela Cusick |  Susan Owens |  April Leonard
57 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 14, 2023


Recruitment for Healthcare Research is facing multiple challenges. During the Covid Pandemic did we ‘spoil’ HCPs with high honorariums for TDIs/VDIs to get them to do interviews during difficult times? Now that we are past the Pandemic, is this status quo moving forward? Will we ever get back to in-person research, and what will it take?

We continue to look for niche audiences – both in terms of the patients and those who treat them. How do we best partner with our fieldwork providers to help ensure success?

Join us and a panel of healthcare recruiters as we discuss these challenges and more in the world of healthcare research. Get smart about what we really will be able to offer our clients moving forward.

This event is sponsored by the Healthcare SIG


Pamela Cusick's Profile

Pamela Cusick Related Seminars and Products

Senior Vice President

Rare Patient Voice

Pamela J. Cusick is an experienced research professional with more than 30 years of expertise in study design, implementation, and analysis. Her background in public health communications and research, coupled with her passion for patient advocacy, dovetail with Rare Patient Voice’s mission and vision. Pam earned a BA in Psychology from Sweet Briar College, and a MA in Psychology from the New School for Social Research. Pam is Past-President of the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Council Lead for the Horses and Humans Research Foundation. Before joining Rare Patient Voice, Pam was Special Projects Manager at ARDX, where she managed key corporate initiatives including research, public relations, marketing, and human resources programs for a management consulting organization. She also served as senior advisor on organizational and leadership issues in the areas of education and development, corporate and employee communications, and employee relations. Prior to ARDX, Pam was an independent research consultant, providing qualitative research expertise to clients in the healthcare, consumer goods, and entertainment industries, with clients including NFO/Migliara Kaplan, AIR/Prospect Associates, Dentsply, XM Satellite Radio, and ARDX.

As Senior Vice President of Rare Patient Voice, Pam’s focus is on the continued growth and success of RPV, with an eye on client services, business development, and oversight of outreach and panel management, marketing, and human resources.

Susan Owens's Profile

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Murray Hill National

April Leonard's Profile

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L&E Research

Director of Medical Operations

April Leonard has eight years’ experience supporting qualitative medical market research at L&E Research. Prior to joining L&E, April practiced as a Registered Nurse for 12 years in a variety of inpatient bedside care specialties. April’s clinical experience coupled with her market research industry knowledge have led her to be a valued and sought out consultative resource for clients conducting qualitative market research within the healthcare space. April oversees L&E Research’s Medical Operations Team which provides feasibility and methodology consultative services, along with project management throughout recruitment and project execution.