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Headache-Free Video + Research: From Down & Dirty DIY to a $20K Production

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Analysis & Reporting |  Project Management |  Research Design
Anya Zadrozny
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Jan 31, 2020


Video takes your clients on an empathetic and enticing journey inside respondents' struggles, delights, motivations and fears. Incorporating video into your proposals and projects is something every market researcher can do and should consider. Adding video to your research projects does not have to be a headache-filled, time-sucking endeavor.  If done right, it’s bang far outweighs its buck. In this presentation, a professional videographer, editor and documentary filmmaker Anya Zadrozny will detail the things every researcher should consider to identify when and how to create and include video in research projects – from true DIY (just you and things you already own) to a full-scale production (hiring and working with a cameraperson and editor). Combining her experience as owner of a video production company specializing in research-based content, interviews of directors, actors, qualitative researchers, respondents, lighting techs, videographers and sound engineers, this presentation will cut through the theory and deliver specific how-to, step-by-step ideas to demystify using video in research.



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Anya has more than 15 years of experience as a videographer, producer and editor. She has produced projects worldwide for MTV, Vh1 and CMT Radio and now owns her own video production company. Anya is also a qualitative researcher, so is able to troubleshoot video issues from both sides of the coin. She's worked on projects and given advice to researchers for projects with video budgets in the low $100s to through the $30,000 mark. Anya is currently working on her first documentary.


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