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FG BnB! Getting Up Close and Personal in a More Human Environment

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Abby Leafe |  Laurie Tema-Lyn
1 Hour
Audio and Video
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Jan 30, 2020


What happens when you bring the sharing economy to the world of research?  Exciting things happen.  This presentation will show qualitative researchers how to think creatively (and practically!) about using alternative venues for conducting qualitative research.  We will explore how platforms such as AirBnB and Peerspace can be invaluable options to find the perfect spot to host a session, and we’ll talk about the ways to ensure that a project is a success once you identify the right non-traditional location.  The session will draw upon the real-world experiences of the presenters using unique spaces to conduct qualitative research. Among those experiences will be a case study in the snacking category, where an LA mansion proved to be the ideal setting for three days of focus groups and client innovation sessions for a start-up client on a budget, leading to the development of a pipeline of new product ideas, some of which are now in the marketplace.  Going outside traditional settings is not all roses and sunshine, however, and the presenters will also share their hard-earned learnings about how to avoid problems and ensure their own sanity when working in a new space that might not be set up for researchers.  You’ll leave prepared with ideas, excitement and practical tips to spice up your research locations for your next project.



Abby Leafe's Profile

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New Leafe Research

Abby Leafe is the principal of New Leafe Research, a boutique qualitative research firm in Newtown, PA. She has been a practitioner of qualitative research for over 20 years after starting her career in advertising. She has conducted research in dozens of categories for brands ranging from global financial institutions to local not-for-profit organizations. Her first focus group was in a chat room in 1999, so she’s always loved being on the bleeding edge of technology for qual.

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Founder, President

Practical Imagination Enterprises