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DC Chapter Meeting - Virtual

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Communication |  Business Practices |  Moderating/Facilitation
Sam Evans |  Amber Tedesco
1 Hour 30 Minutes


Tags: AI Chapter


Hello everyone, we are planning for our upcoming virtual DC Chapter meeting that will take place June 2, 2023 from 12-1:30pm. We are looking forward to catching up and hearing about any conference events that people were able to attend. We would love to hear about any other conference and/or webinar’s you have attended that would be helpful to other chapter members.

There is one topic that we would like to discuss, from the QRCA Conference, and that is AI. There seems to be a lot of buzz about it and we feel it would be helpful to discuss people’s thoughts on AI and how, if at all, it has an effect on the research you are conducting. If you couldn’t attend the conference, there was a session on AI which can be viewed through QRCA Qualology: Beyond Human Senses: Integrating AI in Qualitative Research

We will also discuss scholarships/grants that QRCA offers and how to become more involved with QRCA. 


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