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Breaking Down The Glass - Creativity in Qualitative Research 2023

Total Credits: 8

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Analysis & Reporting |  Research Design
Daniel Berkal
4 sessions
Original Program Date:
Jun 01, 2023



 NOTE: This course is intended to be LIVE ONLY and will not be available for on-demand purchase.
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If you are looking for some refreshed thinking about all aspects of your qualitative research projects, you won’t want to miss this course with the always-creative Daniel Berkal of The Palmerston Group.  This four-session course will include time for lecture/teaching, hands-on team breakouts and projects, Q&A and a bit of homework to enhance your learning. Creative approaches to recruiting, methodology/project design and reporting will be covered along with many other aspects of infusing creativity into your work. All skill levels are welcome to attend and stretch the creativity muscles!

NEW THIS YEAR:  We are going to incorporate information on utilizing the power of AI to infuse creativity into research.  We will go deep into utilizing generative AI for creating better designs, presentations, and deliverables.   How can we best use AI as a tool to spark the creative process? 

Did you attend this creativity course in 2022? Registrants of the July 2022 course have been automatically given a discount for $75 off - make sure to apply it to your cart during the checkout process! Email with any questions. 

Check out The Palmerston Group @thepalmerstongroup on TikTok for a preview of Daniel’s creative approach to qual.

SESSION ONE - Introduction to Creative Qual - June 1, 2023 (10am - Noon Central)

  • Why be creative?   
  • What are the potential advantages and disadvantages?   
  • What are some historical examples?    
    • In other fields 
    • In your client’s industry 
    • In qualitative research 
  • Where to get inspiration from? 
  • What to avoid. 

SESSION TWO - Creativity in Recruiting - June 8, 2023 (10am - Noon Central)

  • What’s the best way to find potential participants? 
  • How can we utilize smart organic recruiting to capture passionate humans while steering clear of professional respondents? 
  • How to identify an audience.  How to ensure genuine participants.  How to build authenticity in a community.  
  • We’ll also look at utilizing AI to mimic target audiences 

SESSION THREE - Creativity in Methodology Design - June 22, 2023 (10am - Noon Central)

  • When provided a challenge, what’s the best way to create a methodology design that captivates clients while solving core business issues?   
  • How to make it affordable and how to make it come to life.   
  • Best practices 
  • Building great deliverables 
  • How to create client involvement opportunities 
  • How to control for the unexpected 
  • How to set the stage for success 
  • How to manage uncertainty 
  • How to be creative within a set framework  
  • How to incorporate AI into idea generation 

SESSION FOUR - Creativity in Reporting - June 29, 2023 (10am - Noon Central)

  • The importance of deliverables 
    • They are your brand
    •  They lead to the next project 
  • Creating inspirational previews. 
  • The pass-along score. 
  • Utilizing AI in reporting. 
  • Utilizing media  
    • Podcast, Video, Social, Tactile, Olfactory   
  • What are ways to increase the involvement of clients   What are ways to make an impact? 
  • Tricks of the trade 





Daniel Berkal's Profile

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The Palmerston Group

Daniel Berkal is a globally recognized expert in immersive methodologies who leads the research team at The Palmerston Group. 
The recipient of the 2011 QRCA “Qually" for excellence in Qualitative Research, Daniel has worked on the most innovative brands in business and is best known for completely immersing himself in consumer environments. With projects featured in Fast Company and Forbes, he's been called "Hands down, the most unique, thought-provoking and game-changing qualitative researcher in the business. Period.”  He led a team that earned the MRIA award for “Best Qualitative Project” for immersive work with Cirque du Soleil.
Daniel holds degrees from McGill University and The University of Texas at Austin. He is a professor at Humber College and has instructed at Miami Ad School campuses in New York, Minneapolis, Toronto and Miami. He has served on the board of directors of the QRCA.