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Aren't We All Just Quallies Under the Skin?

Total Credits: .5 Advance Credits

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Research Design
Peter Totman
24 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 24, 2023


UX and Qualitative research often assumed to be part of the same job, simply a difference in specialism, but people are beginning to question this assumption. This seems like a good time to explore whether the two are, like qualitative and quantitative, discrete disciplines demanding different skills, talents and even personality types.



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Head of Qualitative

Jigsaw Research

After 30 years as qualitative researcher Peter is still trying to understand what it is actually is. He is beginning to understand what it isn’t He has worked in research and advertising agencies in UK and US – and in 2005 joined Jigsaw Research to head up its qualitative offering. He was worked across a wide range of different sectors but particular enjoys brand and communication work.

Peter is a seasoned conference presenter and a familiar face (hopefully not overly so) to QRCA, MRS and Esomar audiences.