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Qcast: Marketing Technology + Human Insights = Untapped Opportunities

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Analysis & Reporting |  Research Design
Lisa Horwich
53 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 11, 2019


New technology vendors are popping up every day offering marketing automation tools that promise ‘smart data’ and improved analytics. For users and practitioners of qualitative research, these emerging technologies can provide new opportunities to provide expertise that augments this data.

In this session, we will discuss how AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), BI (Business Intelligence) and other parts of the Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack are transforming the market research industry. We will explore how these tools are being used and, most importantly, their limitations - allowing qualitative research to provide additional value through human insights. Participants will gain a practical understanding of these technologies and how today’s qualitative offerings can enhance marketing efforts.


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Managing Partner

Pallas Research Associates

Lisa Horwich is the founder of Pallas Research Associates, based in Seattle, Washington. Pallas focuses on B2B research primarily for the tech and manufacturing industries. Lisa started her research career as a quant researcher but found she really enjoys talking to people rather than crunching numbers. Prior to her career in market research, Lisa spent time in software development as well as ERP system integration. She currently co-chairs the B2B SIG for QRCA and is the past president of the Puget Sound Research Forum. Lisa has spoken widely on technology topics and has been published in Research World and Greenbook. In her spare time, she practices martial arts, is a voracious reader and loves to bake treats.