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PNW Chapter: If You Build An Online Research Community, Will They Come?

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Moderating/Facilitation |  Project Management |  Research Design
Shelly Singh
1 Hour 59 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Sep 30, 2022


Depends on your engagement strategy…

Long-term Online Communities: How are they different from short-term online communities? Why is the engagement strategy so important?

If you're in in-house researcher you may utilize a long-term research community and interested in hearing about ways to get the most value from the existing community, or you may be considering developing one in the future. If you're a consultant, you may run a longitudinal study and want to minimize participant attrition and maximize your insights. Regardless of your situation, knowing best practices for building and managing a long-term research community is valuable.

As a pioneer in online communities and a customer engagement nerd, Shelly Singh shares her tips on how to navigate the creation and management of a long-term online community. While Shelly has over 10 years of experience leading online community research, she didn’t really “get it” until about 3-months into her first long-term online community so all are welcome to join. 


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Research consultant

SOUPinsights inc.

Shelly is a researcher who specializes in capturing insights through online and mobile engagement. Shelly's fascination with human behavior began at an early age as she was always curious about why people do what they do. Today, the broader cultural context fuels her passion for understanding customer motivations and preferences. Shelly draws upon quantitative and qualitative methodologies to translate data and insights into compelling, actionable stories.

When she is not observing and analyzing customers in their natural habitat, Shelly enjoys aerial arts, eating pizza and learning all there is to know about dinosaurs. She is based in Vancouver, Canada.