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Learning From Each Other - Young Professionals/New Qs vs. Tenured Quallies! (Chicago Chapter)

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Business Practices |  Communication |  Professionalism
1 Hour 59 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 08, 2023


The Chicago Chapter is hosting a unique twin panel event including those who are "newer" to the qualitative role and those who are "tenured" shall we say!

The needs of both ends of the experience spectrum vary and we can each learn from each other! We're looking to cross pollinate and elevate all QRCs with multiple questions for each panel, including topics like:

  1. When did you know you could make the leap to be independent and be able to put food on the table?!?

  2. What could we be doing better to keep things fresh and current? In what ways are the newer folks doing a better job than those who are more experienced?

  3. What would you have done differently if you had to start your career all over again? What would you say to your younger self regardless of tenure?


We will discuss these topics and others as well as entertain additional Q & A with these amazing panel members…

YP/New Q Panel Members:
  • Emily Breay
  • Chiara Albanese
  • Frankie Lipinski
  • Benjamin Gersten
  • Shane Holsclaw

Tenured Panel Members:
  • Jean Nordgren
  • Allison Rak
  • Abby Leafe
  • Sue Gartzman
  • Cynthia Harris