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Interviewing Techniques from Outside the Qual World

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Michael Tucker
40 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Feb 02, 2021


The world’s best interviewers are not always qualitative researchers (although most of them are!). Sometimes they are talk show hosts, podcasters, journalist, or even hostage negotiators. So who are your favorite interviewers and what do they do that enables them to inform and entertain us? Michael Tucker will share some of his favorites but come prepared with some of your own and some observations about their “techniques” and styles.



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MR Moderator and Consultant

MLT Research & Consulting

I have been a qualitative market researcher and marketing consultant for more than 27 years, primarily in the healthcare space. My background is in cognitive development and psycholinguistics which affords me unique opportunities to apply these methods to understanding complex decision-making and motivation among key stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum. I've specialized in pre-launch strategy, product positioning, messaging and the development and evaluation of creative themes and executions. In addition, I moderate consulting workshops to help clients and collaborative partners find meaningful ways to transition research findings into practical outcomes.