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Lucy Davison

Keen as Mustard Marketing

Lucy Davison is a strategy and communication expert with over 30 years’ experience. She founded Keen as Mustard Marketing in 2006 to provide communications for clients in data, research and insight. Mustard helps client-side researchers from global companies such as Coca-Cola, Shell, JPMC, and Nestle get impact from their insights. The team also develops strategies and communications for agencies and suppliers such as Buzzback, Jigsaw, Nepa, Cint, Lucid and Zappi. Elected a Council Member of ESOMAR in 2018, Lucy started out in insights in 2000 as global marketing director of Research International, working in over 55 countries. Lucy is an award-winning writer and presenter and a sought-after keynote speaker.

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QRCA 2022 Virtual Summit

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Scott Baker |  Pollie Barden |  Daniel Berkal |  Matt Bishop |  Jamin Brazil |  Laura Bright |  Diane Harris Bureman |  Missy Carvin |  ....
January 12–13, 2022
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This past year was a time of upheaval and change - all shrouded in uncertainty. Resilience and agility became buzzwords, and it seems nearly every aspect of life and work was virtual and on a computer...
$200.00 - Non-Members

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