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Laura Bright

BRiGHT Consulting

Laura is a research and strategy consultant who loves qualitative. The discovery of the “how & why” is a key part of bringing research to life for her Clients. Laura is a bi-lingual moderator, based in Mexico City, and has worked throughout the Americas and other key global markets. She is also adept at moderating behind the mirror, delving into the Clients questions and perceptions, and getting to the crux of the issues at hand. Laura finds that qualitative tools can make a big difference in understanding the brand essence, the target or the marketplace environment. She likes to employ different techniques and never shies away from the difficult questions.

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QRCA 2022 Virtual Summit

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Scott Baker |  Pollie Barden |  Matt Bishop |  Jamin Brazil |  Laura Bright |  Diane Harris Bureman |  Missy Carvin |  Simon Chadwick |  ....
January 12–13, 2022
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This past year was a time of upheaval and change - all shrouded in uncertainty. Resilience and agility became buzzwords, and it seems nearly every aspect of life and work was virtual and on a computer...
$200.00 - Non-Members

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