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Laura Fravel

Laura helps others crush their comfort zone – to elevate their voice with purpose – to create connection, influence and their version of ‘changing the world for good.’

She has helped executives from adidas and TechStars, led trainings for Warner-Bros Discovery global leadership team, and has spoken to groups such as Forbes Business Council.

She brings 20+ years of storytelling, TV-media & comms experience from major media outlets to Fortune 100.corporations -- turning seemingly ordinary people, into extraordinary stories, for National Geographic and Netflix, to Amazon and The New York Times. She has seen the true power one person’s story can have to spark and inspire change – to even change the world. 

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Elevate Your Brand - Business Development SIG

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Business Practices |  Communication
Laura Fravel
46 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jan 19, 2024
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Gone are the days when being an "expert" in your field was enough to get noticed. Today, our world is craving a more human side of business - one in which leaders and business owners have more of an a...
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