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Benjamin Allen

Labrador Agency

Benjamin started his career working third shift at a gas station in rural southeastern Ohio where he learned the value of hard work and that working hard isn’t enough. He also developed a taste for cheap coffee.

Fueled by the coffee and gas, he drove across the country and found himself working in advertising. First at W+K, then Hal Riney and FCB where he learned to take care of clients and tell compelling commercial stories. But what got him excited was uncovering the insights and crafting the strategies that could move a brand, product and message forward in a relevant and differentiated way – the advertising was just the output.

He transitioned to brand strategy and research, rising to become President of Tattoo Brand Strategy and later SVP Brand Transformation at Sterling Brands and founding partner of THINK Conservatory - all with a heavy focus on using qualitative research to drive decision-making in partnership with clients such as Oprah, Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft, Viacom, American Express, Conde Nast, NFL, Levi’s, and the Government of Costa Rica to name just a few.