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April Jeffries

Ipsos Understanding Unlimited

April Jeffries is Global President of Ethnography and Immersive research at IUU, the qualitative service line of Ipsos.  She provides vision and strategy in our mission to better understand people, markets and societies and has been labeled an “Empathy Activist”. Her global team of experiential researchers, qualitative consultants, ethnographers, anthropologists and filmmakers focus on changing the game through heightened understanding of the human behind the data.

April is a co-leader of Ipsos’ Anti-Racism Employee Resource Group which was launched last summer in response to the racial unrest in the US and she along with Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Debi Lee and a team of over 300 Ipsos employees have been pushing a passionate DEI agenda throughout the organization focused on 4 key pillars:

  1. Support of our BIPOC employees,
  2. Education to better understand the history and impact of systemic racism and sustain allyship efforts throughout the organization,
  3. Evolution of our organization for better inclusion of diverse talent at all levels and
  4. Leveraging the research we do for meaningful Impact and better outcomes.

April also sits on the IDEA Council of the Insights Association, a special council designed to address Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access within the Insights industry. She has successfully designed and implemented growth strategies for key industries and her prior roles have included President Ipsos Understanding Unlimited US, Vice President Innovation Pinnacle Foods, Vice President Marketing Pepperidge Farm and Marketing Director Campbell Soup Company. She “grew up” in the classical marketing tradition at Kraft Foods.

Ms. Jeffries holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and a Certificate in Multimedia Technology from New York University. April is also the author of “Idea Birthing - A Woman’s Guide to the Successful Delivery of Her Brilliant Idea” and is an award-winning writer and producer of original works in various mediums.

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QRCA 2022 Virtual Summit

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January 12–13, 2022
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This past year was a time of upheaval and change - all shrouded in uncertainty. Resilience and agility became buzzwords, and it seems nearly every aspect of life and work was virtual and on a computer...
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